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Live Scan Fingerprinting
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Fast, Easy, And Convenient LiveScan Fingerprinting services in the Miami- Dade Area. 

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Fingerprinting Services

We provide Fingerprinting Services and background check services for individuals and businesses. We offer level II criminal background checks for the State (FDLE) & Federal (FBI). Fingerprints are done electronically and sent to FDLE / FBI for Level II Criminal History background check. We use the latest and most advanced technology available to provide efficiency and accuracy with our services. Money-back Guarantee.

We meet and maintain all State & Federal guidelines and standards for fingerprinting applicants.

Background Checks in Doral, FL
Live Scan Fingerprint Services Miami

Live Scan Technology

Live Scan Fingerprinting is the latest technology used today for accurately capturing applicant’s fingerprints. It is widely used by the FBI, DOJ, & FDLE. This device captures the image of the fingerprints electronically. We then transfer this image onto the fingerprint card or it can be electronically sent to the Florida Department Of Law Enforcement.

Next-Day Fingerprinting Services are Available now.

Fast, Convenient, and Affordable...

A New Way Professional Services uses LiveScan Technology, which is an ‘inkless’ electronic capturing of fingerprints that can be instantly sent to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. This allows individuals a mess-free way to have their prints quickly recorded to help expedite their application process so that they can take their next step forward into their new career.

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